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Launching of CSR evaluation and ISO 50001 certification

AFNOR Middle East is proud to announce the launching of CSR evaluation based on ISO 26000 guideline and the energy management systems certification as per ISO 50001 standard.


AFNOR Middle East decided to start this new year by launching these 2 totally new products:


-CSR Evaluation based on ISO 26000 guideline: After several years of experience, AFNOR has finally developped an evaluation guide "AFAQ 26000" to evaluate all types of organizations according to ISO 26000 guidelines.


An official logo of recognition is granted to the enterprises undergoing this process.


-Certification ISO 50001: Nowadays, we are all facing resources' and environmental problems. One solution customised for enterprises for the reduction of the resources' use is the energy management system (EMS). Like all other management systems, the EMS can also be certified based on the ISO 50001.


AFNOR Middle East has already started to cooperate with international experts on this matters.


There is no planet B, a slogan worth to keep in mind.


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